Letter From the Editors

Hello Clark community and readers of the Indy,

Whether you eagerly await every new issue or barely acknowledge the Indy stands around campus, we appreciate your investment in us.

Right now, the news media is in the middle of the largest crisis the industry has ever faced. From an administration that constantly challenges the validity of our craft, to historically low and ad revenue driving news organizations into the waiting arms of media conglomerates with their own agendas, the state of journalism in the United States is precarious.

However, this situation is in part the fault of news organizations. With the rise of social media and the evolution of journalism in an age of constant information, we have spent more time offering our opinions than fulfilling our mission: reporting facts.

This pattern is not sustainable. Citizens across the country are crying out for change. Every news organization, from the New York Times to your own Clark College Indy must answer that call. If we do not, then we have failed to fulfill our mission.

With this in mind, the Indy looks to the future.

The Indy has done amazing work throughout its history and the work of our predecessors should not be diminished. However, we must acknowledge the change in the industry and pursue growth in new forms.  

Our focus will be on reaching out and engaging you, our readers. We will continue to bring you thoughtful articles with impactful photos and graphics in our magazine and update you with relevant and timely information through our social media.

Above all, we want to highlight you, our readers. Clark is made up of the people who make this college and publication possible. All of them have stories to tell.

We all have difficulties, we all have successes, we all have a story. Sharing those stories educates, uplifts and brings us closer. We have more in common than we realize. We firmly believe that we should celebrate and uplift our differences while remembering that we all belong to the human race. We should always seek to respect, understand and appreciate this fact.

We hope to help the Indy reflect the diversity that is part of the Clark College culture. We have learned a lot while exploring the vibrant world of Clark College, but we know that there is always more to learn. We cannot improve if we do not listen to our readers?

You can always contact us at We want to hear your thoughts, your hopes and your concerns. Above all, we want to hear your stories.


Matthew Phillips and Theresa Matthiesen

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