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What are the top five things you need to know from the State of the College address? Changes to the pre-college Math and English classes, Clark’s Accreditation Review, CTC Link a new software database, dealing with low enrollment numbers and a fundraising goal by the Clark College Foundation.
Top five takeaways from the State of the College Address

Bob Knight announced his retirement by email on Friday, Jan. 18. He will continue to serve as president until the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Knight has been president for 13 years, the longest term that any president at Clark has served.
President Bob Knight announces retirement from Clark College

With the closing of Western State Hospital in Lakewood, Washington, Clark County politicians are looking to build a local community-based mental health facility. It will house about 40 people and include assisted-living services.
Repairing mental health system high on lawmakers’ minds

Gains have been made in the area of social equity said President Bob Knight, during the State of the College address. He believes there is more work that needs to be done and social equity is central to the college’s five-year strategic plan.
State of the College: Knight sees progress on social equity

The Washington State Department of Transportation is tired of their “420” green and white mile markers being stolen, but they have a solution.
Washington State Wants to Stop Theft of Mile 420 Signs. Its Solution? Mile 419.9.

Clark College has been struggling to keep faculty of color. During the State of the College Address, Bob Knight said, “I continue to hear from employees of color and students of color, that they don’t feel safe or supported. This is not acceptable to me or to the leadership of the college.” Knight announced his plans of retirement, the day after the address, saying that it had been in the works for a long time and he only delayed it until after Clark’s accreditation process.
Amid Racial Equity Struggles, Clark College President Announces Retirement

An abandoned penguin egg and two male penguins become a family in Australia. In typical penguin mating rituals, the pair sang to each other, picked out stones for each other and began building a nest. Fathers and baby chick are doing well.
The Gay Penguins of Australia


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