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It’s Over NINE-THOUSAAAAAAND!!! Local Anime Convention Reaches New Attendance Mark and Announces New Date for 2019

Aaron McPherson – Reporter

Kumoricon, Oregon’s largest anime convention, had record turnout for their annual event in late October. 2018 marked the 15th anniversary of the convention, as well the the third consecutive year that the convention was held in the Oregon Convention Center (OCC).

In an annual post-convention membership and elections meeting held on Nov. 17, Jessica Ulibarri, Kumoricon’s director of membership revealed that the overall attendance for the 2018 convention was the largest turnout the convention has ever had. Including convention staff, vendors, panelists and guests, 9,086 people attended this year’s convention, a significant jump from last years 8,575 attendees.

Changes for the 2019 convention were also discussed at the meeting. Notably, the 2019 conference will be held on Nov. 15 to 17. This will be the first time the con has taken place in November since their inaugural event in 2003. It had taken place during Labor Day weekend from 2004 to 2015.

“It’s the only time that we had available in the same area,” Director of said Director of Publicity Samantha Rushford, regarding the convention’s date change to November.

While pre-registration and VIP membership passes will remain the same, the dates for pre-registration might be differ from previous years. Convention leadership is also working on making more VIP passes available for guests. VIP passes and passes for minors should be available for purchase in early December. 

Prices for minors and single day passes will be decreased for the 2019 convention, while prices for passes purchased at the door will be increased. The actual price changes have not yet been announced.    

“It’s the only time that we had available in the same area,” Samantha Rushford, Kumoricon’s director of publicity, said.

Those interested in attending the 2019 convention or joining the staff can attend monthly Kumoricon general meetings. Specific information about meetings can be found on the convention’s website, along with other information about the convention.

Kumoricon gets its name from the Japanese word “kumori,” which means “cloudy.” It has been a tradition that the mascot every year be holding an umbrella. Starting in 2006, the convention staff began voting on design submissions for the mascot. Prior to 2006, the mascots were designed by Tara Stasel, one of the convention’s founders.

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