Wednesday Patriot Prayer Update

Clark College does not intend to close the campus for the possible Wednesday demonstration by Joey Gibson and his group, Patriot Prayer.

Security has been increased
First-responders will be called if necessary
If demonstrators do show up, students will be notified through RAVE alerts, email and social media.
Lockdown alerts will be issued in case of a disturbance
You may stay indoors if you feel unsafe.

If going outside, you may call for a security escort (360-992-2133) and travel in groups.

Do not engage protestors.

Anyone witnessing biased based incidents should report them immediately to security by calling 360-992-2133

There are more security cameras being installed throughout the campus to help keep an eye on the safety of students and staff.

Some instructors, such as Mika Maruyama who made her Psychology classes optional. “Your safety is more important than anything else,” she said. “I am applying ‘safety’  here not only about physical but also emotional/psychological safety. If you are a survivor of some incidents, your trauma may be triggered by some extraordinary event.”

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