Hues of Hidden Talent: Student Government Hosts Paint Night

Students and community members crowded into Gaiser Student Center on May 22 at 5 pm for a step-by-step painting tutorial taught by  Georgia Magarrell.

Amber Evans is the social events coordinator for the Activities Programming Board. She said many people who have hidden artistic talent don’t know it. This gives them an opportunity to experience the creation of a beautiful painting,she said.

The event was free and open to the public and Evans said similar events can cost over $50 to participate. The student government provided canvases, paints and brushes, the attendees brought quiet murmurs, light banter and self-approving laughter as the night pressed on.

Magarrell guided participants through the process of painting of a grey and blue striped flower pot filled with leaves and flowers. Magarrell was seated on stage behind a large table that was projected onto the three large screens so students could see closeup angles of her work.

Magarrell demonstrated color mixing and picking the right brush and stopped frequently to make sure she wasn’t going too fast. Not everyone could keep up the pace, but the sense of fun filled the atmosphere with creativity and many painters branched off to make their own unique touches.

Rashaunda Andrews is a frequent volunteer for Clark College events and handed out bottles of paint, brushes and healthy snacks to painters. Later, Andrews and Evans walked up and down the aisles refreshing paint water, removing debris and picking up fallen canvases.

Megaera Jarvis began painting in junior high and when she saw Magarrell would be teaching how to paint with acrylics, she leapt at the chance. Jarvis described her work as an organic rebellion against the lines and said she was excited to be working with the acrylic medium.

Heather Leasure has painted for the past five years. She admitted she enjoys knitting and sewing more, but said she was still excited to be at the event.

“I’ve been wanting to do paint night for a while,” Leasure said. “Too bad there’s no wine!”

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