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Dressed to Express

Penguins may not be able to fly, but no one said they can’t be fly.

As the temperature rises, many students are ditching the sweaters, boots and dark colors of winter for more vibrant options. Yet for some, their style remains consistent no matter the weather. On May 2, five students showcasing their individuality were asked what influences their sense of style.

Jeremiah McFeron:
“Style is pain,” student McFeron said. “If it goes with the outfit I gotta wear it, no matter the weather.” He said Pacsun, Zumiez and Vans are some of his favorite places to shop.







Sarah Huynh:

While fashion may come easy for some students, others research trends, scour social media, ask friends and use trial and error to find their inspiration. Student Huynh even sticks to a signature item.

If there’s anything she’s sure about, she said, it’s her skirts.

“Skirts are very nice and free for me,” she said. Huynh wears skirts year round, pairing them with leggings or tights during colder months.




Nadia Myronchuck:
Trends often impact fashion, but to Myronchuck, personal taste and her surroundings influence her style.

“I prefer more formal — I would say even modest — clothing,” she said. If there was one item she couldn’t live without, she said it would be her dress shoes.



Yesenia Martinez:

Dressing up is the daily attire for some, but for Martinez, it’s a once-in-a-while activity.
“My style is mostly casual,” she said. “I like things that are mostly simple, but also catch the eye.” Martinez said she shops at Forever 21, Ross and Aeropostale.





Adonis Ogzina:
Fashion is loved by many because of how it can change an appearance. To student Ogzina, fashion is an art. He said he loves how it makes him feel.
Ogzina said he’s faced scrutiny over his unique style, but refuses to let the negativity bring him down.

“My style is free spirited,” he said. “It’s basically me not being afraid to express myself.” Ogzina said he wants others to ignore the criticism too and be their authentic selves.

“That’s probably one of the most important things in life, is to ignore the hate that everyone throws your way and the discrimination and to just be happy in your own skin,” he said.

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