Diversity Office to Host Local White Supremacy Awareness Workshop

By Jonna Gomes – Reporter

The Office of Diversity and Equity will host its second Power, Privilege and Inequity training on May 9 from 4:306 p.m. in Penguin Union Building room 258 after the first training reached maximum capacity.

The workshop, “White Supremacy in the Pacific Northwest,” will teach the history, impact and symbology of local racist organizations. Workshop presenters will offer community safety tools for responding to the recent resurgence in activity by these groups.

Dr. Loretta Capeheart, Clark’s associate vice president of the office of Diversity and Equity, Associate Vice President of the Office of Diversity and Equity, said the office organized these training sessions after a series of white supremacist incidents on campus, including the unauthorized distribution of racist flyers.

The office hosted an anti-racism community open forum on March 22 following a series of racist incidents on campus. Capeheart organized a Penguins Unite gathering for anti-hate solidarity at the chime tower on April 26.

“There’s a variety of symbols that have been used historically in this region by white supremacy groups, the Klan and other far-right extremist hate groups,” Capehart said.

Capeheart said the office will continue these training workshops as long as there is a need for them.

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