Queer Student Luncheon with Faculty Speaker on March 15

Out and proud for over 20 years, Dean of Student Engagement Cath Busha will speak at the Queer Student Alliance’s quarterly Queer Student Luncheon on March 15 from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. in PUB 161.

Identifying as queer, nonbinary and transmasculine, Busha came out at 27 and will speak about their professional and personal journey with gender. They said the luncheon is designed to create connection and a sense of community between the college’s queer students.

“I want to build in some engagement opportunity for the folks who attend,” Busha said. “I’d like to create opportunities for folks to have some small table conversation if they want, without it feeling like pressure.”

Busha said the attendees will be seated in groups of four and have facilitated conversations about gender and sexuality. They said all are welcome to attend regardless of gender or orientation identities.

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