Hedy & Heidi: Deaf Club Hosts Movie Showing and Q&A

If you thought you had a twin sister living across the country because you saw a picture and had visions of her, would you go find her?

That’s what Heidi Branch’s character Hedy does in her comedy film “Hedy and Heidi: the lost sister.” Released last November, “Hedy and Heidi” features Branch as both sisters, making her one of the only deaf comedians to star in a full-length movie. Branch visited Clark on Feb. 28 for two free showings of the film and a Q&A session in Gaiser Student Center.

Sara Weiner-Collier, an ASL instructor and advisor for Clark’s Penguin Deaf Club, said the showings served dual purposes in linking Clark students with deaf culture, the on-campus Deaf Club and students from the nearby Washington State School For the Deaf.

Branch introduced each showing and appeared on stage after each session to answer questions from the audience.

Weiner-Collier said one student from the Deaf Club was motivated to organize the event because of her affinity for Branch’s characters.

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