Entrepreneur Club Hosts All-Day Event Despite the Weather.

Last week’s flurry of snow caused class cancellations, but it didn’t stop the Entrepreneur Club from hosting its Entrepreneurial Day Feb. 20 in Gaiser Hall with a guest panel discussion and networking session.

The event also hosted motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas, who shared his successes with clark students, staff and community entrepreneurs.

Guest speakers answered questions about motivational drive, coming back from failure and persevering in business.

Club adviser Nathan Webster said the event gave the club members a chance to show their leadership and management skills by overcoming the weather to run the event.

Club President and founder Kerry Blake said the members worked hard for the event, which helped spread word about how students can benefit from the club.  “We want to help get students motivated about what’s coming after college,” she said.

Thomas, in his characteristically brazen style, said, “What’s important is how you take advantage of the hand that was dealt to you. Be careful with saying a particular hand is what you need to be successful. Take the hand that you have been dealt and play that hand to the fullest of your ability and anything you want to accomplish or achieve is possible.”

Webster said the club booked Thomas with a $23,000 one-time funding grant from the ASCC, the most ASCC has ever spent on a guest speaker.

“His struggle is relatable to Clark students,” Webster said.  “He was homeless, it took him twelve years to earn a four-year degree, and now he has a Ph.D.”

Vice President of Development Hal J. Abrams said the Clark College Foundation invited the panelists and networking guests and provided free sandwiches, chips and water.


Entrepreneur Club meetings are on March 6 and 20 from 12:30 to 1:30pm in Scarpelli Hall 214.

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