Entrepreneur Speaker Eric Thomas Visits Clark

Speaker and business owner Eric Thomas spoke for the first time in Washington state in Gaiser Hall during Entrepreneur Day on Feb. 20.

Thomas’ talk preceded an hour-long Q&A session with three panelists and a networking session where students could meet business owners.

Entrepreneur Club adviser and Business instructor Nathan Webster said the club selected Thomas because they believe his transformational life can inspire students and emphasize the power of combining entrepreneurship with education.

“Most of [the business owners] don’t talk about the benefits of college,” he said. “A majority of them have businesses, but they want you to go through their academy.”

Webster said Thomas came from humble beginnings as a homeless high school drop out who’s now earned a PhD, become an entrepreneur and gained international stardom through his speeches.

Webster, also a Clark alumnus, said hearing a motivational speaker changed his life, so he wanted the club, students and community members to have a similar opportunity.

Webster said with income inequality it’s essential to use every tool available to get the the most out of work, school and entrepreneurial endeavors. He said one way to do this is by combining them.

Thomas and Entrepreneur Club President Kerry Blake said they want students to have a place for comradery no matter what their idea, regardless of their business background.

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