Local Every28Days Drive on Campus This Month

Clark’s NERD Girls are collecting menstrual product donations for a 15-member grassroots organization in the STEM Building, Gaiser Hall and PUB 160 until Feb. 27.

Every28Days collects products every February for around a dozen local homeless and transitional organizations, with the goal of one full year’s supplies.

Lisa Goodrich, Head Coordinator of Every28Days, said the biggest obstacle is spreading the word. She said periods are a tragedy every 28 days for homeless people and they need clean products to avoid toxic shock syndrome and infections.

“Women are using newspaper, leaves, or nothing at all,” she said. Every28Days collected 4,000 packages in their first drive last year, which lasted only four months.

The NERD Girls will have a table with treats at the STEM Building Digital Lounge on Feb. 27 starting at 2 p.m. to encourage donations.

“Anything you can do is helpful because we are helping people who need things more than we do,” President of NERD Girls Madison Rooney said.

Rooney said the NERD Girls knew instantly they had to host a drive when STEM Coordinator and Professor Erin Harwood approached them about it because many of them are able to empathize with personal hygiene challenges during menstruation.

The NERD Girls will deliver the products to Every28Days at their public “Period Party” event at 6 p.m. on Feb. 28 at Mill Creek Pub and Garage Bar and Grill.

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