Lunar New Year Celebration in Gaiser Hall Feb 15

Clark’s student government will host a Lunar New Year Celebration in the Gaiser Student Center from 11 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 15, exhibiting traditional Asian New Year festivities.

APB Cultural Events Coordinator Diem Nguyen organized the event and is leading the student volunteers who run it.

The volunteers will serve free traditional Asian foods, like the savory Vietnamese rice cake Bánh chưng. Attendees will receive red envelopes with chocolate coins and tangerines, a symbol of wealth and luck in Chinese culture.

Volunteers will showcase calligraphy, traditional Vietnamese clothing and a performance by a Portland lion dancer group. Students can take photos at the Lunar New Year photoboard.

Nguyen is working on the resources to play a Vietnamese game where blindfolded players attempt to hit a hanging clay pot with a stick, with a bookstore gift card for the winner.

Nguyen said she hopes the food and gifts will attract students and she’s excited to share valuable traditional cultures. 

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