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The Greatest Showman Sings


Get ready to dance and sing along as “The Greatest Showman” takes you to the other side.

This movie musical is based on the life of P.T. Barnum, portrayed by Hugh Jackman, from his poverty-stricken childhood to his rise to fame and reinvention of show business.

“The Greatest Showman” will make an appearance at this year’s Oscars after being nominated for original song, after winning the Golden Globe for best song for “This is Me” and receiving nominations for best picture and best actor.

Jackman performs spectacularly: showcasing both his acting ability and his talent in musical theater. The movie’s cast, including Michelle Williams and Zac Efron, will have you leaving the theater dreaming with your eyes wide open and dancing with some new moves.

While the story is engaging, it’s the next song you’ll be waiting for. The term “fun” perfectly describes the music, but what makes it really special is the amount of heart in every song.

The movie begins with “The Greatest Show,” setting the tone while immediately hooking the audience. And the soundtrack only gets better.  “A Million Dreams” makes you smile at the thought of childhood; “The Other Side” urges you to dance along with the beautiful choreography and “Never Enough” pulls on your heartstrings, leaving you with goosebumps.

“This Is Me” may be the most spectacular song of the bunch. It conjures universal emotions like the desire to be accepted for the scars and baggage we carry and the resilience of the human spirit.

However, despite the fun, the movie lacks historical accuracy. If you’re a history buff, this movie may infuriate you. It paints Barnum in a relatively good light, but some would argue Barnum capitalized on the populace’s prejudice when presenting his circus crew as freaks to be gawked at.

Barnum is a controversial historical figure, but regardless of accuracy, Jackman plays Barnum marvelously and this movie does a lot more than just entertain. “The Greatest Showman” will ensure you leave the theater believing that the impossible is possible.


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