Veterans Resource Center Gets an Upgrade

By: Justin Ross

The Veteran’s Resource Center moved to a larger office, Penguin Union Building, room 015, on Sept. 21. They are sharing space with the Assessment Center on the west side.

With an estimated 400 veterans using education benefits and resources through the center, Nicole Gadrick, a veteran working in the office through work study, said the location “helps contain the noise when we get really loud.”

“We can come here and be vets together and have camaraderie,” Gadrick said.

Veteran’s Resource Center Manager Kelly Jones, said the larger office will help accommodate the 100 or more veterans that visit the center each day. “Already we have more computers,” Jones said. “Now they can spread out and study, work on papers and talk about their classes.”

The center provides school supplies, computers, snacks and beverages to veterans. Emergency grants for living costs, dental care programs and a yearly Thanksgiving dinner are also available.They assist veterans with textbooks through the Books for Vets program and get help from English or math tutors.

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