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2017 Summer Recap: Five Films That Stand Out

It’s been a rough summer for Hollywood. With ticket sales falling into their worst slump in over 10 years, it’s easy to assume this years’ films have dropped in quality, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. This summer has featured a variety of fantastic and original movies. Here are five original summer flicks worth catching up on.


Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright
Genre: Action

Rated: R

Baby, played by Ansel Elgort, is the best getaway driver around, but he tries to escape his life of crime after meeting Debora, played by Lily James. However, he’s forced into one last heist, and it will take all his skills to survive.

Masterfully directed by Edgar Wright and built around one of the year’s best soundtracks, “Baby Driver” is a non-stop thrill ride that will slap a smile on your face and keep it there from beginning to end.




Director: Bong Joon-Ho

Genre: Adventure

Rated: TV-MA

This Netflix original follows a young girl named Mija, played by Ahn Seo-hyun, who spends all her time with her best friend Okja, a genetically enhanced super-pig. After Okja is kidnapped by the controversial Mirando Corporation, Mija goes on a cross-country quest to save her friend.

The film successfully juggles a multitude of tones going from thrilling to surprisingly emotional, all held together by strong writing and directing from Bong Joon-Ho. “Okja” is a film you owe yourself to stream right now.



Good Time

Directors: Benny and Josh Safdie

Genre: Crime

Rated: R

After a botched bank robbery, Connie Nikas, played by Robert Pattinson, finds himself in a mad dash to obtain $10,000 to bail his brother out of jail before the night is over.

Bold and bursting with frenetic energy, the film more than lives up to its title as viewers fall headfirst through the neon-soaked underbelly of New York. It’s a wild ride, grounded by one unhinged performanced by Pattinson.




Wind River

Director: Taylor Sheridan

Genre: Thriller

Rated: R

Taking place in the frozen tundras of Wyoming, “Wind River” follows FBI agent Jane Banner, played by Elizabeth Olsen, and wildlife tracker Cory Lambert, played by Jeremy Renner, as they attempt to solve the murder of a young Native American woman.

Somber, poetic and difficult to watch, the film forgoes murder mystery cliches and instead delivers a feeling of realism. Its tense final act will stay with you long after the credits roll.



Ingrid Goes West

Director: Matt Spicer

Genre: Comedy

Rated: R

Following a recent stint in a mental institution, cyber stalker Ingrid Thorburn, played by Aubrey Plaza, decides to move to California in order to become friends with Instagram star Taylor Sloane, played by Elizabeth Olsen.

Frequently hilarious as it is uncomfortable, “Ingrid Goes West” is a biting satire on social media addiction and the false sense of closeness it can give.

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