Archer Gallery Art Annual

The Clark College Art Annual opened to crowds waiting outside Archer Gallery on Tuesday evening. The anticipated gallery featured art of diverse mediums.

Clark College artists were there with their art. For some, it was their first time having their work featured in the gallery. One such artist was Julie Foley, who won a third place prize for her Zelda Series metal art jewelry.

“It inspires you to go into another classroom,” Foley said about the gallery as she admired other artwork in the room.

Everyone was incredibly cheerful for Leah Adams, who won first place for her painting “A Netherhole.” Adams built the custom shaped canvas herself and thanked her dad for teaching her how to use a hand saw. The three dimensional effect of “A Netherhole” was a unique design to the art gallery.

Archer Gallery will remain open until June 16 showcasing the works of Clark College.

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