Animal Rights Advocates Pay Students to View Graphic Animal Treatment  Video

Clark students were paid $1 to watch a short documentary on the mistreatment of animals on Tuesday in front of Hanna Hall.

The goal? To reduce their consumption of animal products. 

Members of Farm Animal Rights Movement stopped at Clark as part of its annual 10 Billion Lives Tour, which holds pay-per-view events at festivals, college campuses and other gatherings. 

The non-profit group, founded in 2011, pays viewers $1 for watching the four-minute documentary. 

“The aim is really to just raise awareness of what are the actual conditions of most animals raised for food in the United States,” Casey Clemons, FARM’s tour operator.

Clemons said the name of the tour commemorates the 10 billion animals raised and killed each year for consumption. 

Clemons said Tuesday’s visit wrapped up the sixth annual 36-campus tour, and that they had connected with well over 100 people.


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