Clark’s Career Days 2017

Clark College kickstarted May by helping students find jobs with Career Days.

Career Days, a four-day fair that took place May 1-4,  offered a variety of activities each day to help students prepare for life in the workplace. A variety of workshops, events, and career experts were available for free to Clark students,

The first day began with games designed to help students understand their career goals and financial needs, facilitated by Clark career counselor Carole Mackewich and financial coach Austin Keever. Later that day, Clark alumni Bobby Castaneda helped students identify tactics to help them land the job they want.

On the second day, Clark College Career Services offered resume help, job interview trials, and a “human library” of alumni and professionals for students to learn from.

Day three featured the Career Fair, where students met personally with representatives of more than 100 local employers currently looking to hire for both entry-level and specialist positions. Many students and employers were present, causing the event venue to be hosted in the O’Connell Sports Center gym instead of the Gaiser Student Center, where it has been held in the past. The fair featured well-known local names like PeaceHealth, Burgerville, regional public school districts, and even city and county offices.

Company experts provided free information, job applications, snacks, promotional items, and their own professional advice to students attending the fair. Clark also offered a free photobooth where students could get their professional portraits taken, as well as more casual photos with Oscar, the penguin himself.

Career Days concluded on the fourth day with a presentation by Danielle Baker in the Gaiser Student Center. The Science of Leadership workshop taught students methods to lead better, boost confidence, and succeed in interviews and business networking.

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