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Pro-life Presentation Packs a Punch

The Students for Life Club featured a pro-life guest speaker in PUB 161 on Monday at 4 p.m.

Around two dozen students and community members attended speaker Josh Brahm’s “Understanding and Responding to ‘My Body, My Choice.’” Brahm is the president and founder of the Equal Rights Institute, a national pro-life organization.

Brahm’s speech examined the strengths and weaknesses of pro-choice and pro-life arguments.

“Abortion is like taking a baby out to a lake, dropping it in and saying the water killed it,” Brahm said. “You don’t have to help people, but you can’t kill them.”

The Students for Life Club started at Clark two years ago, its mission is to pass on a moral respect for life. The club also seeks to work as a voice in the pro-life movement.

Johnny Guiher, club president, wore  black and pink shirt that said “let God plan parenthood,” during Brahm’s presentation.

The club promotes supporting equality for all people, including those unborn, and believe that everyone should have an opportunity for life.

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