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Police Remove Trespasser

Police removed a trespasser from campus in handcuffs Wednesday around 9:15 a.m.

According to Lynn Vanhoomissen, a supervisor for Clark security, Gerardo Prado-Carrillo was apprehended getting coffee from the Student Life kitchen despite not being a student.

This isn’t Prado-Carrillo’s first involvement in a security incident. Director of Safety and Security Nikki Barone said this is the third time in the past eight months that Prado-Carrillo has trespassed.

Police involvement was partially due to Prado-Carrillo’s verbally aggressive history. “[He] has previously made threats about wanting to shoot the security officers and shoot police,” Barone said.  

However, Barone said Prado-Carrillo was not aggressive in this incident.

Barone said despite Clark’s public access, the campus has its own rules and regulations and it reserves the right, under law, to issue trespass notices due to misconduct.

With Contribution by Senior Reporter Benji Grundner

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