Letter To The Editor

To the Editor,

I am a teacher in the Evergreen School District who at least once a year travels to the CTC campus for meetings. In addition, I have also taught GED classes for Clark College.

Clark College has done many wonderful things for education and the community, but there is one thing that has always bothered me about the CTC campus. I see the prime parking spaces set aside for energy efficient vehicles. I am concerned with the bias and racism exhibited by the college with these signs. Clark College is for everyone in the community and provides educational experiences for those who can least afford it. I had many unemployed, women, and minorities who could not afford these kinds of vehicles in my classes. Is the college in effect then saying, we are reserving the best places, the most welcoming spaces in our parking lot, only for those who can afford a higher priced, energy efficient car?

These signs should be removed, and the parking lot should reflect the school’s beliefs that Clark College, and an education, is for everyone.

Thank you,

Rob Marsh

Vancouver, WA

Editor’s Note: Clark College is planning on setting aside prime parking spaces for energy-efficient vehicles that meet the LEED Gold standard in the Yellow 2 parking lot by the STEM building in the next three months, according to Director of Facilities Tim Petta.

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