Clark Collaborates for Newsstands

The blue newsstands around campus that supply students with print issues demonstrate true Clark collaboration.

The Independent partnered with the welding program last winter to make 25 stands around campus.

Marvin Peña, circulation manager for the Independent, reached out to computer design students Caleb Johnson, Arom Schultz and Michael Medina to design the stands as one of their projects.

“Some designs didn’t work,” said Peña. However, they decided on a design in Spring of 2016 using a software that would be compatible with the welding machines.  

Peña and welding technology professor Caleb White used a powder coating on the stands to make them more durable.

The new stands, with some even located at Clark’s Columbia Tech Center and WSU Vancouver campuses, demonstrate something Clark is striving towards: efficiency through student partnership.

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