Kindergarten Book drive

Over 80 “Cat in the Hat” books were donated this year at the Clark College Book Drive, exceeding its goal on Feb 22.

The ninth annual kindergarten book drive ran Feb 13-28, this year gathering books for kindergartners. The drive has reached a collective 1,100 books ever since it began on Clark’s 75th anniversary nine years ago.

Monica Knowles, Clark bookstore manager, described the event as being a success from day one.

“It was really a big success then, and has been really well received both in the college community and in the greater community,she said. 

King’s Elementary kindergarten kids will receive this year’s donations, many of whom hold the event close to their hearts.

Knowles said the donations make a special impact on children’s lives. “The teacher had told us a couple years back that for some kids, this would be the first book they’ve ever owned.” She said. “It kinda brings tears to my eyes to think about it.

“We get them and we sell them at cost, just to cover the expense of getting them here, and then we don’t make any profit or anything on those, and then they get a little nameplate that the donor can put in there who it’s from,” Knowles said.

Knowles said the drive was so successful that the goal was met the first week. All the “Cat in the Hat” books sold out before the 28th.

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