Science seminar series in STEM this February

This quarter, STEM is hosting a series of seminars for students from noon to 1 p.m., each with varied speakers and scientific topics.

Erin Harwood, STEM coordinator, said her goal, “is to try to provide students with some sort of career connection.”

The seminars on Feb. 3 and March 10, titled Amazing Animal Acupuncture and Great Gravitational Waves, respectively, will be held in in SBG 151. The seminar on Feb. 24, on the Hanford Nuclear Facility, will be held in SBG 153. Students are asked to bring lunch, but dessert and snacks will be provided.

This is the fifth quarter STEM has hosted seminars. Harwood explained that the purpose of the series is to inform students about realistic scientific careers.

“I’m hoping to provide them with some different perspectives and some more information,” said Harwood. “You never know what you’re going to learn, every single one I have been fascinated.”

Harwood encouraged students to participate because of the value of practical learning. “Come if you have any interest in STEM, no matter how remote it may be,” she said, “because you might be surprised at what you would learn.”

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