Clark Awards Tenure to 14 Professors

Clark honored 14 newly-tenured professors during the college’s tenure reception in the Gaiser Student Center Tuesday afternoon.

Upwards of 70 friends, family and staff snacked on fruits, lettuce wraps and cake, while newly-tenured professors were introduced by their respective department heads. Each professor gave a short speech.

Faculty members seeking tenure must go through an eight-quarter process with the backing of one student, three tenured faculty members and one college administrator. At the end of the process, the committee makes a recommendation to the Board of Trustees granting tenure, according to Board Chair Jack Burkman.

“It has been an illuminating process,” said newly-tenured Biology professor Roberto Anitori. “I’ve learned how to teach.”

This year the Board granted tenure to Women’s Studies professor Kushlani de Soyza, Journalism professor Dee Anne Finken, Art professor Grant Hottle, Health and Physical Education professor Dr. Garrett Hoyt, Business Technology professor Drew Johnson, Mechatronics professor Ken Luchini, Math professor Sarah Luther, Psychology professor Dr. Mika Maruyama, Geography professor Heather McAfee, Transitional Studies Language Arts professor Natalie Miles, Transitional Studies professor Erin Schoenlien, Welding professor Caleb White and librarian Julie Austad.


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