Arbor Day Foundation Awards Clark

Clark College has been awarded the Arbor Day Foundation’s “Tree Campus USA” award for the sixth year in a row.

Clark Vice President of Administrative Services Bob Williams announced the award at an Arbor Day commemoration ceremony on April 11 where the Clark Administration planted a pine tree on the lawn outside the Frost Arts Center.

The young pine was surrounded by pots containing the state trees of Arizona, Alabama, North Carolina, Texas, Delaware, New Hampshire, Minnesota, Georgia, Hawaii and Ohio. This signaled the completion of the “50 State Tree Collection” for Clark’s Arboretum, a project proposed by former Clark Grounds Manager Skip Jimerson according to Carpenter.

“I have been in the community college business for seven and a half years, and I have never seen anywhere with … the beauty this campus has,” Williams said.

President Bob Knight also announced that a donor would contribute 250 to 300 more cherry trees to Clark’s campus in the near future.

This article orignally misattributed certain quotes to Tim Carper. It has been amended to correct the error.

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  1. Tim Carper, Instructional Technician

    Hey Nathan – Just a little correction (I think you guys were late to the event) – VP Bob Williamson was the recipient of the TCUSA award from Washington State Forester, Aaron Everett, and I believe he made the comment about how long he’d been at Clark (7 1/2 years) and the beauty of the campus. The emcee of the event was Facilities Director, Tim Petta. I am on the Campus Tree Advisory Committee but I didn’t have any speaking role in the event.

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