Loving Who You Are

The Activities Programming Board held “Project: Love Your Body,” an event promoting positive body image, at Gaiser Student Center Wednesday afternoon.

“Your body is a wonderful thing,” said guest speaker Angie I. Cruz, a counselor and human development professor at Clark.

Cruz led over 15 students in group activities, such as writing “I am” on pieces of paper, followed by positive thoughts about themselves. Others included abdominal breathing exercises to help relieve anxiety and group dancing with colored ribbons on stage alongside ASCC Activities Director Courtney Braddock, who hosted the event.

Students were also given pamphlets detailing behaviors associated with Body Dysmorphic Disorder, a disorder that causes people to obsessively occupy themselves with their appearance. The pamphlets had information about Clark resources that can help those who may be affected or know someone who is affected by the disorder.

“My hope is that ‘Project: Love Your Body’ will become a yearly event,” Cruz said, in an email.

Attendees also recited a pledge to promise to keep a positive attitude towards their own body image and to not demean others about their body.

Fact box. Reads: "Resources for those suffering from negative body image. Where: The Counseling and Health Center in the Health Science Center, HSC 124. Contact: 360-992-2614 or Cost: free for all students."

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