Stem Research Opportunities Seminar

A STEM Research Opportunities Seminar was held Friday in APH 201 for students interested in paid summer internship or partnership opportunities. The seminar discussed the Research Experience for Undergraduates program, as well as the Build Exito program at Portland State University.

WSU graduate student Eric Dexter gave advice about the application process for the REU program, in which he has participated three times. The program offers prestigious paid internships for students heading towards graduate school for the sciences.

Dexter spent about 10 weeks on three separate occasions in Ghana, Bermuda and San Francisco to research different biological subjects under the mentorship of scientists. In REU, students participate in specific research projects where they get the chance to work close with faculty and researchers.

Clark Chemistry instructor Amanda Crochet also endorsed the Build Exito program, a three-year program that supports undergraduates interested in pursuing research careers in biomedical, behavioral, clinical, health and social sciences.

“There are many opportunities to gain experience in research as an undergraduate,” Dexter said to the attendees. “Get started right away!”

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