First Study Abroad Program in Ireland

Clark College and the Washington Community College Consortium for Study Abroad are hosting a study abroad program that will send students to Ireland this summer.

Jody Shulnak, Clark’s international student recruitment & outreach manager, outlined the program in an information session in Gaiser Hall 215 on Wednesday.

Shulnak said this is the first time the WCCCSA will host a trip to Ireland. “This is kind of our test run, and I think it’s going to be fantastic for students.”

According to a flyer available at the info session, students who enroll must take a five-credit Irish Life and Culture class taught by Niamh Hamill, Ph.D lecturer in Irish History and Culture at the Institute of Study Abroad, Ireland.

“There’s no classroom in the Ireland program,” Shulnak said. “They gather in a meeting space in a hotel lobby for their classes. Most of the academic part is field trips and excursions.”

She added that students will be traveling “all over the northern part of Ireland,” and that “they will be … examining the conflict between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.”

According to the flyer, the program runs Sep. 3-17. Students are housed in shared apartments in the “surfing village” of Bundoran in Donegal, Ireland, and all are offered a beginner surfing lesson.

The fee per person is $2,300, assuming enrollment of 15 or more students, and the deadline to apply is May 15, when a $200 deposit is due.

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