International Open House Celebrates Diversity

Clark is hosting an International Open House on Monday from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. in Gaiser Hall’s International Programs Office.

According to director of International Programs Jane Walster, the event will recognize the Lunar New Year and acknowledge a variety of cultures with music and other multimedia. It will give attendees the opportunity to learn about one another’s international connection.

All faculty and students are welcome to participate in this “casual, drop-in style” event, said International Recruitment and Outreach Manager, Jody Shulnak. “This is something that we want to open up to the whole campus.”

Walster said the goal is to allow students and staff to share where they or their families are from, where they’ve traveled and in what ways they identify as international. “Although we’re a community college, we’re part of the bigger community: the world community,” Walster said.

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