New Yoga Club Takes Shape

Iara Lomprey is in her fourth quarter at Clark and knows first-hand how busy life as a student can be.

In addition to her academic studies at Clark, she’s also training to become a certified yoga teacher. Yoga has helped her learn how to balance it all and find peace.

“Through my yoga practice, I’ve learned a lot of techniques to acknowledge that stress but set it aside,” she said.

Both Lomprey and fellow yoga enthusiast Pema Amida hope to offer that relief to others. They’ve received ASCC approval to establish a yoga club and are now waiting for a room.

ASCC Club Coordinator Kara Meredith said clubs usually choose a room and check a reservation system to see when it is available. Availability is the only thing holding back Lomprey, founder and president of the club, and Amida, soon-to-be vice president.

Since the club doesn’t have an official space, there are no set meeting times. However, they plan to have an informational meeting in December. To keep updated on the status of the club, visit their Facebook page or by searching facebook for Clark College Yoga Club

With the guidance of Cathy Holdsworth, Clark yoga instructor and the club’s faculty adviser, Lomprey and Amida plan on teaching hatha yoga at the club. “[Hatha yoga] is an easier form of yoga for beginners to pick up on or learn from because the poses are more broken down,” Lomprey said.

Since it is a student club, Lomprey will be leading the yoga practice and Holdsworth will be taking a backseat. “As the adviser, I’m there to back her up and to help her achieve what she wants to achieve,” Holdsworth said. “And if she has questions, that’s what I’m there for. To help her out.”

Holdsworth said Lomprey knows that this may be a lot of people’s first experience with yoga, so she will keep it at a certain level and not jump right into headstands.

“I think she has a really good and realistic grasp on what she can do,” Holdsworth said. “I’m really honored that I could be a part of it.”

Mike Arnold, PE department head, believes the club could increase enrollment in Clark’s yoga classes because Clark’s classes are the cheapest way to further pursue yoga. “Anytime you have a club or group of passionate people, it’s good,” Arnold said.

Because of her approaching graduation, Lomprey hopes the new club sparks someone else’s interest in becoming a yoga teacher or potentially taking over the club when she graduates.

For further information, contact Lomprey and Amida at: cyoga@gmail.com

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