Cannell Library Celebrates Silver Anniversary

Cannell Library commemorated its past and recognized its future by hosting its 25th Anniversary Celebration Sept. 29.

The event revealed a student-drawn mural, heard two passages from the Phoenix Spring 2015 edition, displayed the library’s transformation photos and featured talk about the library’s changes over the past 25 years.

Although it was a collaborative effort from students in the Clark College Art Club, Matt Harmon was the official artist. Harmon created the design for the mural, which he painted with the help of fellow art student John Mangan and other volunteers.

Harmon titled his piece “Nature of Change.” As an artist, Harmon said he likes “non-represental” murals, because of the fact they can be so widely interpreted.

The mural started breaking ground towards the end of Spring Quarter 2015 and was completed about two weeks ago. “The Art Club is really gratified we actually pulled it off,” Mangan said.

President Bob Knight spoke a few words at the celebration, noting that “libraries are changing and evolving.” He also pointed out how much the library has changed in the 12 years he’s been president.

In the last year, Cannell Library has improved their study group rooms by adding more technology like computers and video monitors to help students with presentations, according to Michelle Bagley, Dean of Clark Libraries and Academic Success Services.

Bagley said there has been a drastic technological change in the past 25 years. When the library first opened, there was one computer and a paper catalog. Gradually, the library became a more and more popular place among students.

In 2001, the number of students visiting the library was 2,500 per year, Bagley said. By 2015, the number was 300,000.

Despite advancing technology, a librarian’s job has not changed much: help students access information and use it responsibly.

Bagley still has goals for the library. She wants to establish balance by creating a place where students can have both quiet time and a space to collaborate.

“Throughout the years, Cannell Library will continue to thrive and grow,” she said.

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