ASCC Officers Up For Selection

Three years after ASCC switched from electing officers to appointing them, officials say there has been an increase in applicants gunning for the positions.

Director of Student Life Sarah Gruhler said she believes the change is due to applicants only having to represent themselves to the people that hold the interview.

People who are not extroverted but have leadership skills get the opportunity to serve on the board, said ASCC President Emmah Ferguson.

Students applying must fill out an application, attend three executive meetings and get 50 signatures from students on campus.

Students were able to apply for seven positions: ASCC president, vice president, club coordinator, activities director, student relations and promotions coordinator, finance director and executive assistant.

Recently, ASCC Executive Council extended the deadline for all applications, from May 1 to May 22. ASCC felt the need to give students an equal opportunity to fulfill the requirements listed on the application. The deadline for the club coordinator position was then extended to June 15, with interviews to be held on June 19, according to ASCC Student Relations and Promotions Coordinator, Anna Evanson.

Gruhler said there were roughly 15 applicants, 10 of whom have gone through the interview process.

ASCC would not release the names of the applicants, but The Independent has requested them through a Freedom of Information Act request.  The request has been filed with the college, but not yet processed.

In total, nine people interview each candidate: four students at large, the ASCC president, ASCC executive assistant, ASCC executive member, faculty or staff adviser and the student life director.

Based on interviews, Gruhler said she sees “strong candidates.”

Ferguson and Gruhler agree that no matter how the interviews turn out, it’s a good experience for students.

The interview mimics an actual job interview, which some applicants have never done.

Former candidate Christopher Feener recently went through the process. However, Feener ended his run because of scheduling conflicts.

“I have never had a job interview,” Feener admitted. “This gave me that experience.”

Ferguson had her first interview last year when applying for president, she concurred that it was a good experience and will help her prepare for future job interviews.

By: Jamie Rapciewicz

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