From Italy to Vancouver: Guest Musician Conducts Clark’s Orchestra

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Don Appert conducting Clark's last orchestra.

Italian conductor Pablo Biancalana will lead Clark’s orchestra at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics on March 11 at 7:30 p.m.

Clark orchestra professor Don Appert invited Biancalana to conduct Clark’s Italian-themed performance.

Appert found Biancalana through his connections with musicians across Europe.

Appert has been a Clark conductor and professor for 25 years. Appert has invited musicians from Italy and Romania to help students grow and learn from playing with diverse conductors.

The music has been handpicked by Appert and approved by Biancalana to fit an Italian theme, featuring a piece from “Romeo and Juliet” by Tchaikovsky.

“It’s a little dangerous doing a piece like this because everyone in the audience will know it,” Appert said. However, “this is a program I am confident in; very expressive and emotional.”

Darian Evans, who has played the French horn in the Clark orchestra for the past three years, said she greatly improved her music skills by participating in the orchestra.

“I’m really excited because usually you don’t have many international musicians or conductors come,” Evans said.

Evans and other Clark musicians have had experience with local conductors, but this concert will provide them with a new way of interpreting the music through a foreign conductor.

Both Evans and Appert anticipate Biancalana’s arrival and equally stress the practice needed.

Clark’s French club volunteered to host an Italian-themed reception after hearing that the orchestra will be performing a French piece. “They are buying the food, and managing the set up and teardown of the reception,” said Music Program Coordinator Shelly Williams.

The performance and reception are free and will last about 90 minutes.


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