Rocky Horror Picture Show

By Savannah Scott in Life

The Clark Theater Program’s opening night of The Rocky Horror Picture Show is Feb. 27 in Decker Theater.

They will continue 7:30 p.m. showings Feb. 28 and March 6, 12, 13 and 14. There will be a midnight showing on March 7.

“There isn’t a whole lot different about this production than my other shows,” said Gene Biby, director of the play. “This show is a classic for any drama program. It’s the Rocky Horror Show and although it is a musical about sex, I don’t think that there will be any unexpected controversy.”

The 1970s play is about a couple that find themselves at a strange mansion in the middle of a rainy night. With music, adventure and a wide range of risque characters, Biby hopes “that it sticks with the original Rocky play.”

“We’re already expecting fishnets, red lipstick, and now hopefully lots of audience participation,” said Biby with a grin.

The department will be selling $5 prop bags at the door.

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