The Hunt Begins

By Robert Berman in Campus

Clark’s second Humans vs. Zombies game continues today and will finish Thursday.

Humans vs. Zombies is a tag game in which all players but one start as “humans.” One designated “original zombie” tries to tag the humans. When a zombie tags a human, the human becomes a zombie and begins hunting humans.

Brightly colored bandanas signify for which side a student plays. A human wears the bandana around his or her arm, while a zombie displays it around their head. This year the game began with 104 humans, said ASCC social events coordinator Katarina Kubiniec.

Each human carries an identification card and a rolled up sock. Humans can throw their sock at a zombie. If the sock hits the zombie, the zombie is briefly stunned and unable to tag humans. Zombies collect the I.D. cards of the humans they tag. At the end of the day, they turn the cards in to tally up their kills.

Students are not allowed to play in the parking lots or buildings.

The ASCC deploys teams of monitors to enforce the rules. The monitors are ASCC officers and committee members, with some student volunteers. According to Kubiniec, three or four monitors patrol the campus at all times during the school day.

The game will end with a pizza party on Friday, where the ASCC will recognize accomplished players. The details have not been announced yet. Kubiniec said she is especially excited to see if any humans survive the week.

“The whole point of the game is that the humans never win,” she said.

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