Clark Crossings Reading Series Hosted by Poet Laureate

By Kait Terrel in A&E

Clark will honor poet laureate Christopher Luna at the Clark Crossings reading series May 30.

Students have a chance to read their original writing or works from their favorite authors, reflecting this year’s theme: plants and animals.

“I want them to have the chance to unplug, in an attentive way — to turn everything down and think independently about life and the universe in a way that isn’t common,” said instructor Tobias Peterson, member of the Clark’s Creative Writing Committee. “Any kind of literature is an opportunity to pay attention.”

The event is part of the 3-day Subtext literary festival. The third annual festival gives students an opportunity to swap books, listen to readings from authors and share their own writing.

Luna will present a reading of his work and conduct a short Q&A for students.

“It’s nice. It feels nice to be publicly acknowledged. In the poetry world, there is not a lot of fame and recognition to go around. I hope to help those who are writing but still don’t feel a part of it all,” Luna said.

The title of Clark County’s poet laureate was created for Luna to acknowledge his efforts in creating and promoting a diverse literary community in the area.

The event is open to students and the public and will be held in PUB 250-C from 12 p.m. to 1 p.m.

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