Clark Denies Request, Then Appeal, for S&A Budget

By Aleksi Lepisto in News

Clark has denied The Independent’s public records request for the 2014-15 S&A (cq) program budget because of the budget’s draft status, according to the response from the college.

State law allows for exemptions to public records requests when documents are in draft form, according to Revised Code of Washington 42.56.280, found here:http://apps.leg.wa.gov/rcw/default.aspx?cite=42.56.280

The Independent filed an appeal because RCW 42.56.280 also states that draft documents are not exempt from public records requests when “publicly cited by an agency in connection with any agency action.” The Independent believes this section is applicable because the documents were made public during an open doors S&A fee committee meeting prior to the budget being submitted to the college for review.

The appeal was also denied by Clark.

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