Minor Injuries in Two-Car Crash at Clark

By Robert Berman in News

Two people suffered minor injuries when two vehicles collided on Fort Vancouver Way near Clark College at 1:45 p.m. today.

Tyler Warnes, 16, a Running Start student at Clark, said that he was stopped at a red light at Fort Vancouver Way and McLoughlin Boulevard when a gray Jeep collided with his Dodge pickup truck, pushing him through the intersection before the Jeep turned to the right and ran into a tree near Marshall Community Center.

“When it stopped it was smoking,” Warnes said. “It was pretty bad,” The Jeep’s driver was unavailable for comment.

The two injured people were transported by ambulance to an undisclosed location, said Vancouver police spokeswoman Kim Kapp.

“You see it happening to others every day,” Warnes said. “You never think it will happen to you until there’s another car inside your car.”

The police have not filed a report for the crash but will tomorrow, Kapp said.

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