Letter to the Editor

In a recent article of “The Indy,” an issue was raised about the programming of theater productions under the leadership of Dr. Gene Biby. The blame (or credit, depending on one’s point of view, since there has been a considerable increase in student participation in these programs since his arrival) might be addressed to Gene’s tenure committee, whose role includes rigorous and ongoing evaluation of Gene’s coordination of the Clark theater program.

Gene has done an amazing job of engaging the student audience and recruiting and training student performers. He has been producing plays (which have received awards in the national theater circuit) that address the real-world issues faced by students today, and has brought a new audience to Decker Theatre.

Gene’s tenure committee wholeheartedly supports the statement on the postcard that was mailed out to advertise this year’s theater season:

“Clark Theatre embraces its role as part of an educational institution that is strongly committed to diversity. Our script selections reflect our mission to educate students and to initiate dialog about important topics. As a result, they may include violence, strong language, or overt sexuality that some audience members may find provocative. If you have questions about our production, we encourage you to research the play in advance or to contact our box office staff.”

We are very proud of the job that Gene Biby has done at Clark College.


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